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Food Intolerances and Acne

Food intolerances cause all manner of symptoms, with one of the main ones being skin complaints. Acne is included in this, and more specifically, adult-onset acne. If you are experiencing excessive acne that isn’t related to medications or hormonal concerns, chances are you may have an undiagnosed food intolerance on your hands. The presence of food intolerance causes an abundance of inflammation in the body and the toxins that come along with this. Often acne is the body’s way of trying to get rid of excess toxicity, or it can be a hormonal reaction to excessive inflammatory processes going on inside.

Before getting into the mechanisms of food intolerances and acne more deeply, let’s refresh the differences between food intolerances and food allergies.  They are often confused as one and the same when, in reality, they are very different. Food allergies cause anaphylactic, life-threatening reactions in the immune system. Lots of swelling, breathing difficulties, hives, and more can ensue, and indeed death if treatments are not available immediately. Food intolerances are mainly digestive reactions to foods and are not life-threatening in nature. They occur when we lack certain enzymes or are irritated by specific substances in foods.

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The nature of food intolerances is subterfuge, meaning they can go unnoticed for years due to very mild initial symptoms. These symptoms can be things like headaches, eczema, acne, joint pains, etc., which at first appear unrelated to food. However, whilst our food intolerances fly underneath our radar, they do a significant amount of damage to our digestive health over time. The inflammation and toxicity can go on to cause a condition known as leaky gut, which you can read about HERE (the article is SIBO & Food Intolerances). This condition results in food particles in the blood, which is what often gives rise to more apparent food intolerance symptoms, including the development of acne.

Some specific symptoms of a leaky gut include:

  • Classic IBS symptoms – constipation, diarrhoea, or both.
  • Frequent immune infections
  • Gas
  • Bloating and belching

Plus many more symptoms that may not be directly digestive in nature. A leaky gut is the most common driving force of acne as a food intolerance symptom.

When it comes to foods that may cause acne, some particular foods appear to drive it more than others. These foods are:

  • Cow’s milk, and any food made from this. For example, yoghurt and cheese.
  • Gluten, and all foods that contain this
  • White and refined sugars, and foods that contain this.
  • Margarine and vegetable oils, and foods that contain these.

If you’re experiencing acne and consuming any of the above foods, we highly recommend that you take our food intolerance Hair sample test. You can do so HERE. The beauty of this is that you will receive your test results within three days of your sample arriving at our lab. These results give you a direct list of foods and also nonfood items, that may be causing your intolerance issues.

When you remove the items on your intolerance list, you may notice quick and dramatic improvements to your life, like many of our previous customers, have.

You can also try removing dairy, gluten, refined sugars and vegetable oils from your diet whilst you await your food intolerance results. This will potentially give you a glimpse into the effects these foods have on you. HERE is a good wholefood meal plan that is gluten and dairy-free if you’d like to give it a try.

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Some other ways that you can aid your body to create healthy glowing skin that is acne free include:

  • A weekly infrared sauna session. This is an excellent detoxification tool in general, and fabulous for the skin.
  • Hydrate with 2 litres of filtered water every single day.
  • Have a look at your face products. Are they gentle and natural? If they contain any harsh chemicals or scrubs, consider replacing them with a gentle alternative.
  • Pure tea tree oil is excellent on any sore red spots to help clear them.

Enlist the help of a Naturopath or Nutritionist

In conclusion, adult acne can indeed be caused by food intolerances. The mechanism is via the digestive condition called leaky gut, which can occur over time when the gut accumulates toxicity and inflammation through consuming intolerant foods. The skin is our body’s largest organ of elimination, and so tries to remove this inflammatory toxicity; in doing so, acne and other skin irritations can be produced.

If you do suffer from adult acne, we highly recommend that you take one of our food intolerance tests. It will discover which foods may be the culprit for you. Once we receive your hair sample, you will have your test results within three days. Then we begin the work of removing problem foods from your diet and recovering your health.

You’ll also find some helpful information about managing acne at home safely, with simple steps that you can do whilst you wait for your test results to arrive.

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