Common Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Common Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Food intolerance expresses itself very individually in each person, so a person can live with one for years and simply not know it. Despite this ambiguity, there are some common symptoms of food intolerances that many people show, and we are looking at these today. If you find yourself regularly experiencing any of the signs we discuss in this article, we highly recommend a food intolerance test for you. This allows you to quickly remove the foods causing inflammation in your body, which also helps to remove the symptoms you experience.

Let’s start with a look at the most common digestive symptoms that food intolerances cause.

Digestive symptoms

Food is taken in through our digestive system, and so this is the number one area of the body where we see food intolerance symptoms show up. The most common ones are:


Trapped gas and bloating

This is a classic food intolerance symptom, and it signals that there is an imbalance happening somewhere in the gut. Whether it is an imbalance of bacteria, a lack of enzymes needed to break down food efficiently, or a condition such as SIBO, these imbalances can cause a considerable amount of bloating. If the food causing you problems is fructose or lactose, the bloating can be especially bad.

Excessive farting or burping

This is an embarrassing symptom to have, especially when uncontrolled in a social situation. It can happen quite quickly after eating and may last for hours. Peppermint tea will help expel any excess gas in your digestive system more quickly, but be prepared for the extra flatulence while your body rids itself of the gas build-up.

Diarrhoea or constipation
These are both classic food intolerances symptoms. Diarrhoea caused by food intolerances can be quite urgent, and constipation very painful. A great way to help combat constipation is to stay well hydrated.

Pain in the stomach
This can come by itself, or be coupled with diarrhoea or gas. The pains can be quite severe and may last several hours. Using a heat pack, and drinking chamomile or peppermint tea can help.

Nausea or vomiting
This is not always caused by food intolerances as nausea can be attributed to many possible conditions, medications and more. However, if it occurs each time you eat a particular food, then it is worth looking further into as a potential food intolerance.

Nervous system symptoms

Your gut is intimately linked to your nervous system, and any inflammation in the digestive tract can indeed cause symptoms to appear in the nervous system. These are the most common:

The fatigue that comes from food intolerances can be swift and deadly. It is an inflammatory response to eating foods the body is intolerant too, causing the body to use its energy and resources trying to metabolise and get rid of the food and toxic waste out of the system.

Brain fog
Having a fog over your brain and being unable to think clearly is another classic symptom of undetected food intolerances. Wheat and dairy are big culprits of this, but like all symptoms, a broad array of foods can be the possible cause.

Headaches & migraines
If you suffer from headaches or migraines without a known cause, food intolerances could be the culprit. Specific substances in foods can cause migraines, such as sulphites, but any food intolerance can trigger them.


Immune system symptoms

Eczema & skin rashes
Itchy, red, lumpy skin irritation is quite common in food intolerance sufferers. Our body detoxifies via the skin, and we see the excess toxins and inflammation of food intolerance coming out on the skin as rashes and eczema.

Hayfever symptoms
A runny nose is a widespread reaction to foods that inflame the body. It can also come along with itchy eyes and skin, which generally occurs with histamine intolerance. However dairy is a common culprit of a constant runny nose, alongside excessive sugar and some other foods.

After reading this list of the most common food intolerance symptoms, you may suspect that you are indeed reacting to foods. If this is the case, you can order your bio-resonance food intolerance test HERE today. Once we’ve received your hair sample, you will have your results within three days. You’ll receive a list of all the foods that are causing your body issues, and removing them from your diet will give your digestive, nervous and immune systems a beautiful chance to rest and heal.


Food intolerance are ubiquitous and often go undiagnosed for years. The simple reason for this is the vast array of symptoms, that can differ with each person. In lieu of this, today we are discussing the most common food intolerance symptoms; these are the ones that occur in the vast majority of people suffering intolerances

The three main body systems that are most often affected by food intolerances are the digestive, nervous and immune systems. You’ll find descriptions of the most common reactions under each body system

If you experience any of these reactions on a regular basis, we highly recommend that you take our bio-resonance hair intolerance test, which you can order HERE. This will give you a list of foods that your body is intolerant to, and may help you to get rid of your symptoms once and for all.

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