Find an egg alternative for the food intolerant

The best egg alternative – for egg intolerance sufferers

Having an intolerance to eggs can be overwhelming, and disheartening, especially if you love your Sunday brunch of fried eggs, bacon and mushrooms. However, you need not feel disheartening, because there are some wonderful alternatives to the humble egg today. In fact, you can make everything from ‘scrambled eggs’ to pavlova with modern-day egg alternatives. Let’s dive in and take a look at your culinary options. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Egg alternative for baking

When it comes to baking, eggs are quite the hero ingredient. They have many valuable roles, including:

  • Adding moisture that is made of fat and liquid
  • Adding richness from the egg yolks
  • Acting as a binder to keep all of the ingredients together
  • Working as a leavener for cakes
  • Adding structure to cakes and muffins through their protein component

Eggs are used in everything from cakes and muffins, to pastry and biscuits, and the good news is that all of these creations can be made egg-free!

Our roundup of the best replacements for baking are:

The classic egg alternative - powder

They mimic the ability of an egg to leaven and bind cakes. However, they don’t contain any fat, so you will need to add in some extra fat such as butter or coconut oil when using an egg replacer, this will help give the same effect that an egg would.

Another egg alternative: Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be ground up and mixed with water, at a ratio of 1 tsp ground seeds to 2 tbsp water. They become very gooey and act as a binding agent. They also give good moisture levels and add richness to baked goods.


These can be used in the same way as chia seeds. Grind up 1 tsp of flaxseeds and mix with 2 tbsp water. Wait for it to thicken and then add to baked goods. Chia seeds seem to give a lighter result, but both options can work well.


Banana’s can be mashed up and used in cookies and muffins in replace of an egg. They bind very well, add richness and texture, and give a great end result. The product will be denser than one made with egg, but equally delicious.


Just like mashed banana, apple sauce gives a wonderful binding effect to baked goods. You also get the added sweetness and nutrition of the apples.

Other things that you can use in replace of eggs in muffins and cakes are:

  • Tapioca flour mixed with water
  • Yoghurt
  • Oils such as light olive oil, coconut oil or macadamia oil

Egg alternative for cooking savoury dishes

Sometimes eggs are used in savoury cooking, such as to bind meat patties or to brush over pastry.

In the case of patties and meatloaves, you can use chia seeds to bind. Just add 1 tsp seeds to 2 tbsp water and allow it to thicken before adding it to the mixture.

Other options that also work in savoury dishes include mashed potatoes, cooked rice, cooked oats and moistened bread crumbs. They are all fantastic binding agents and will hold your creations together well.

For basting pastry, you can just use milk or melted butter in replace of eggs.

When coating meats in order to then crumb them or fry them, you can use a mixture of plain flour and water. Make it into a paste and coat the meat in this first.

You can also make omelette’s, scrambled eggs and quiches egg-free, which we discuss below.

How to make a pavlova egg free

This is a modern-day wonder and having tried it myself; I can attest that it actually does work and produces a wonderful result. We have the vegan cooking movement to thank for this, and all you need to create your own egg-free pavlova wonder is a can of chickpeas. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s absolutely true. The liquid from a can of chickpeas is called aquafaba, and it beats up into stiff white peaks just like egg whites.

Here is a super easy recipe showing you how to make your own egg-free pavlova:

How to make ‘scrambled eggs& quiches' that are egg-free

There are two ways that you can do this.

The first way is to use a soft tofu and break it up until it resembles scrambled eggs. Simply fry this in a pan with some garlic and spices of your choice, and you will find it makes a lovely substitute for scrambled eggs.

The second way is to buy an egg alternative (egg replacer) that’s designed specifically to make omelettes, scramble and quiches. This is a powder made from starches, turmeric and garlic usually. You mix it with water, and you can add any vegetables, bacon etc. to it that you wish. It makes lovely quiches when poured into pastry, delicious omelettes, and scramble that might not fool anyone, but that will taste good.

A whole world of egg-free deliciousness awaits you, and we hope that you enjoy discovering new recipes that leave you feeling satisfied and symptom-free.


In summary, today we have delved into quality egg substitutes that allow you to live an egg-free but still delicious life.

We cover egg substitutes for:

  • Baking
  • Cooking savoury dishes
  • Pavlovas
  • Scrambled eggs, omelettes and quiche dishes


Modern-day cooking has come a long way, and we hope to excite your mind and your taste buds with the wonderful options we’ve presented you with today.

If you suspect that you have an egg intolerance, taking our test will give you the answers you’ve been seeking. You can find out more HERE.

As always, you are not alone on this intolerance journey, and our hope is to provide you with useful information to make your everyday life easier, tastier and healthier.


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