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Today we are going to explain to you exactly what our food intolerance test is, how it works, and what happens during the testing process. Here at the Intolerance Lab, we use a technique called Bioresonance testing. Through our customer data, this has shown to be a highly effective method for detecting imbalances within the body, which point to food intolerances. Let’s delve into how it works.

Bioresonance testing for Food intolerances

This type of testing falls under something that is called empirical healing. The principles of Bioresonance work on energy wavelengths and have been confirmed to work through research in biophysics and quantum mechanics. Unfortunately, orthodox medicine does not accept it as a valid form of healing, but current evidence examining the effectiveness of Bioresonance therapies is highly promising. Our anecdotal customer information also shows the positive benefits of this type of food intolerance testing.

The machine that we use is classified as medical scanning equipment, and with it, we can place electrodes onto your hair sample. These electrodes connect back to the machine and read the energy wavelengths and information coming from your hair. This gives us data on how your body responds energetically to specific foods.

From this data, we are able to create a list of foods that do not energetically match your body. These are your food intolerance foods to avoid.


Why do we use hair for your Food Intolerance Test?

There are several great reasons why we choose to use a hair sample to perform your food intolerance test.

1# it is non-invasive. There is no blood sample, and you can cut a small piece of hair in your own home and send it directly to us. This also makes it perfect for children and adults who are sensitive to touch or anxious about medical procedures.

2# The turn around time for testing your hair sample is quick. This means you have your results faster and can get back on track to good health quicker. We are also able to lower the costs and pass this on to you due to the efficiency of the process.

3# Using your hair sample also allows us to test a large number of items during the process. We currently test for over 700 items using your one hair sample. This includes 350 food items and 350 non-food items such as cleaning products and chemicals used in the home.


Some other facts about Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy was created in 1977 in Germany. The machine created used electromagnetic wavelengths to detect and recalibrate the bodies own frequencies. 

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